Waterless Co. Inc. No-Flush™ urinal Model #2005 Anza™, wall hung waterless urinal, made of High Performance Composite material (HPC) for commercial and residential use. The Anza waterless urinal sis supplied with the wall and waste bracket along with 1 Eco Trap.

Anza Waterless Urinal - HPC

SKU: 2005
  • The Anza waterless urinal utilises Blue Seal in the Eco Trap to maintain a barrier between the sewer gases and the bathroom atmosphere.

    Blue Seal must be added to the urinal after approximately 2000 uses and the Eco Trap replaced after approximately every 8000 uses.

  • The Anza waterless urinal has comes with a 12 month warranty, please refer to the warranty statement on this website.

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